Benefits of Bulk SMS Service for your Business (2020 Update)

The bulk SMS service is gaining popularity among businesses, big and small. It has proven to be a reliable marketing tool over the years. Research shows that there are over 5.16 Billion mobile phone users in the world today. An average mobile phone user checks their phone several times in a day. This is a great avenue for businesses to tap into and invest on in a bid to reach their target audiences.

Bulk SMS service is the best way to engage audiences through mobile technology.  It is cheaper, faster and a more direct mode of communication. With a higher open rate than emails, bulk SMS is definitely one of the marketing tools that businesses should consider.

Below are the advantages:
  • Integration into the marketing strategy: Other marketing tools such as social media and emails are not the most effective methods to reach customers on time. Incorporating bulk SMS into the bigger marketing strategy ensures you reach your audience on time.
  • Cost effective: Every marketing tool costs money and no better way to find value than using a tool that is reliable yet saves money. Most bulk SMS providers such as Jisort offer this service at very affordable prices.
  • High Open Rate: An SMS delivery takes between 6-7 seconds. Statistics show that 90% of delivered SMS are opened within the first 3 minutes. This gives an suarity that more than 50% of your recipients will read your message.
  • Saves on  time: The beauty of bulk SMS is that you are able to reach hundreds of people within a very short period, with just a click.
  • Easy and flexible to use: You do not require special skills or knowledge to use bulk SMS. Additionally, their usability is not dependent on time.
  • Increase sales: Due to the efficiency that SMS marketing brings,, it  promotes sales faster for a business.
  • Wider reach: With over 5.16 billion mobile phone users, there is a wide pool into which businesses can reach potential clients.
  • High security. Mobile technology has a high level of security hence confidentiality during transmission is guaranteed.

Using bulk SMS is one of the marketing tools a business needs to reach more people and increase the sales. The Jisort service comes with an appealing interface that is convenient for all users.

Sign up with Jisort Messenger today for a great bulk SMS experience.

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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