Jisort for borrowers

Jisort for borrowers

A financial digital marketplace providing the most fair and transparent financial facilities. Jisort pools several lenders to one pool, this creates competition on the platform and leads to the most competitive financial credit facilities for member of public.

At Jisort, there is dignity in borrowing – no more knowing and begging for service – Jisort provides the Water Tap Credit Financing models based or innovative and proprietary credit scoring – Jscore.

At Jisort, no more collateral – just your Jscore which keep on growing as opposed to collateral which keep on depreciating.

Why Borrowers love Jisort.

  • Cheapest credit facilities in the market – imagine as little facility fee as 1.5%
  • At Jisort, there is dignity in borrowing, you don’t need to know, beg or even talk to any one – just your Jscore.
  • Ability to compare all products/microloans under standard terms before borrowing the best.
  • Jisort microloans are fast and convenient
  • Borrowing on Jisort build your credit scoring in the financial market
  • Jisort microloans have the most flexible terms
  • Sacco, Welfare members utilizing Jisort microloans effectively contribute to their net worth by offering business to their organizations.