How to check if you are blacklisted by lenders from your phone

  1. Download Jisort from Google playstore
  2. Fill-in the bio data as requested on the App
  3. Upload photo image of side A and B of your National ID (png/jpeg)
  4. Click Refresh button
  5. Tick check box to give consent for Jisort to request your data
  6. Jisort will submit your application to the CRB Servers
  7. Jisort will further display response from CRB servers showing if you have an amount overdue and if you are listed as a defaulter
  8. This information will be stored on your status for easier retrieval
  9. CRB status check or checking if you are blacklisted on  mshwari blacklist, branch blacklist, tala blacklist from Jisort is Free of Charge.

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