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Cloud lending platform

Cloud technology has transformed Informational Technology Industry and by extension other industries. Era of premises based software is swiftly making way for SaaS and other form of Cloud based applications.

This is not different with the lending industry, Jisort present the finest lending platform for lenders globally.

Jisort cloud lending platform

Why ‘Cloud’

It is a lending software running from a cloud server near you. The platform runs from multiple servers in the cloud. You are probably accessing it from a cloud server nearest to your location.

What is the implication?

  1. It runs or is accessible through a browser
  2. No need for a server
  3. You can access and transact from a smartphone
  4. Platform is accessible from anywhere
  5. You can give controlled access to customers, partners, and agents without security implications.
  6. Is a secure lending software for lending //tested and certified secure platform
  7. Available on subscription basis – monthly or annual
  8. Variable cost: you pay for what you consume.

It’s a cloud platform that support all lending transactions. The popular functionality of Jisort Cloud Lending platform include:

Multiple loan interest calculation methodology

Do you charge a flat interest rate or is it a reducing balance/declining balance interest rate or a combination of both or variation of either? Jisort support all possible interest calculation methodologies.

Dynamic Lending Charges

Do you support charges that are only administered dynamically based on borrowers history, age, income levels, loan amount, repayment period, loan balance among other varying details. Jisort Cloud Lending platform gives the flexibility of administering the charge of realtime, accrual on repayment as per your business model.

Integration to Mobile Money and Bank Systems

Jisort is highly integrated to mobile money networks, banks, payment gateways.

Lenders on Jisort can receive payments and collect payments from their clients through Mobile Money providers, Credit and Debit Cards, Banks and other local payment gateways.

Real-time Accounting and Financial Reporting

Do you want to generate Trial Balance, Cashbook, Income Statement, and Revenue Projection anytime..?

Use Jisort Cloud Lending platform to manage your clients and transactions and get real-time accounting and financial reporting.
Additionally, you can have automated bank reconciliations.

Lending marketplace

Do you want to offer mobile loans or mobile based financial solutions?

Jisort Marketplace is a platform available for use to serve your clients and provide mobile loans, micro insurance and micro savings products.