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For decades now Saccos have evolved in an enormous transformation especially because of the introduction of technology to this sector. Saccos have gone a step ahead to outsource for working systems that enable them to automate their transactions. To this effect Saccos have been able to grow n reaps and bounds to an extent of some through adoption of software going to an extent of owning buildings and growing their networth, running FOSA and BOSA. The growth has not only catapulted Saccos to the ranks of the best and low interest financial organization but has enabled members livelihood to change. The on-premise system has been the one in charge for a couple of years but in the recent years this has changed. Reason has been the hunger for a better serving system that has ease of access, flexibility, agility and compatibility. The basic quorum is the change of live that is involved with Technology. A Sacco member relocated to U.S.A wants to remain a member, be able to save, apply for a loan, guarantee a loan and have access to the system to view his/her statements anytime. On-premise doesn’t give this privilege and so one ends up withdrawing as a member and relocate.

Cloud Sacco system has come as an evolvement in better internet services and desire for better services offered to members. Members have made this possible through quest and push to be able to access the system instead of travelling for long distance to query on statements. The cloud Sacco system is hosted online and requires good access of internet to run. This means that the Sacco doesn’t have to have the software installed or access it from their premise. The cloud Sacco system is cost-cutting as the Sacco subscribes to what it uses. The cloud Sacco system is affordable and scalability remains the concern of the service providers leaving the Sacco to market itself and offer better services to its members. He cloud Sacco system is either paid for subscription in monthly or annual basis. Integration of money transfer services is one of the key entitlements of every system. The cloud Sacco system is an array of this opportunity and it enables it members far and wide to contribute to their accounts or repay loans. Cloud Sacco system since it uses internet to run emailing of statements to members is an added advantage. It assures to queues when members wants their statement saving on transport and time. Generation of reports in Cloud Sacco system has been made easier and better. A Loan officer in a meeting anywhere is able to project any report pertaining to loans just by a request.

Internet makes it possissile for easier communication worldwide. Given platform in cloud sacco sysem are developed to enable access the system through internet enabled gadgets easy ans fast. This way a sacco provides self-service to its members through dashboard. The elasticity that comes with cloud services assists the sacco to scale up or down as demand of services arises. Cloud Sacco system is a system that one can totally rely on no matter the trime or avenue. A manager in a hotel somewhere in Hawaii is ablt to manage the running of the Sacco all they way in Ghana and control user, approve loan application, plan on the daily running of the sacco and communicate cohenssicely with board members in case of any matter. Cloud sacco system has a section for USSD where membes uses a certain given code to query or give information. The two way messaging is a great way of creating strong bond with members and give them an opportunity to enjoy the services. Cloud sacco variable in different formarts generates unique member numbers for its members during creation of an account in the dashboard. Members receives confirmation of their account creation and membership which in the end creates trust. Driven by passion and better management Cloud sacco system transforms a sacco to better , efficient and prompt saving.

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