CRB Certificate on Mobile

Business man debt consumer works to build up credit score rating report

CRB Certificate on Mobile

Using Jisort you can apply and process a CRB certificate. CRB certificate is required by during job applications, loan applications, and contract signing and related activities.

CRB certificate basically certify your financial position in regard to liabilities as per the Credit Reference Bureau.

CRB certificate require manual verification at the Credit Reference Bureau and therefore CRB certificate unlike CRB reports is not computer generated or instant.

CRB certificates applied between Monday and Friday by 4:30 pm are processed and sent the same day to the applicant’s email address.

CRB Certificates applied during the night, after 4:30 pm are processed and sent the following day.

CRB Certificates applied after Friday 4:30 pm are processed and sent to the applicant’s email address on Monday.

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