CRB Services on Mobile

CRB refer to Credit Reference Bureau.

CRB is still a foreign concept in Africa and most people look at CRB as a punitive measure from financial institution.

The ignorant perspective on CRB services cannot be blamed on the people; financial industry has done too little to demystify CRB services and benefit of Credit Reference Bureau to an individual.

At Jisort we are on mission to increase financial inclusion and freedom in Africa. It’s central to our mission to empower the people in Africa with financial information.

Jisort has for months negotiated best deals with Licensed CRB organizations to offer CRB services to the public from their phones at the best rates. Services available on Jisort include:

CRB status

This is also called CRB dashboard or basically CRB preview.

CRB status gives summary of the most important information including:

  • Amount overdue
  • Worst Overdue days
  • CRB Score


CRB Report

CRB Report is a comprehensive report from CRB that gives a complete picture of financial positions as reported to the Credit Reference Bureau. Some of the information available on CRB report include:

  • Bio data – Legal names, Id number
  • Credit score (Grade)
  • Credit Score (Score)
  • Number of CRB inquirers to your account in the last 12 months
  • Number of inquiries made to your account.
  • Current loans (portfolio)

CRB Certificate

CRB Certificate is a comprehensive certificate certifying financial position according to the CRB. It’s basically a certificate indicating the official financial standing according to the financial institution as presented by the CRB. CRB are the official entities that provide official financial standing as presented by the market.

Access CRB status, CRB report, CRB Certificate from your smartphone through Jisort.


CRB report on Mobile

Jisort allow members of the public to conveniently access CRB report from the phone. Jisort offer CRB report at cheaper rate than the market rate.

CRB report from Jisort is instant. Payments are effected through Mpesa paybill.

Successful report request are processed and sent directly to owners’ email address.



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