Guarantor management on loan software

Guarantor management on loan software

Does you SACCO offer loan through guarantorship..?

How well do you manage guarantors?

I will share why Jisort is the best Loan Software at Managing Guarantors

Jisort allow capture of Guarantor for every loan product that require guarantor.

Jisort checks for the following

Guarantor’s eligibility

  1. Has the guarantor exhausted the allowed number of people he or she can guarantee..?
  2. Has the guarantor exhausted the allowed sum of funds or fraction of savings or shares he or she is allowed to guarantee..?
  3. Has the guarantor existing loans in anyway disqualified the guarantor from guaranteeing others..?


Any additional requirements as defined by the SACCOs or Microfinance by-laws pertaining the guarantorship.

Guarantorship related Reports

Guaranteed Statement

Shows the all loans and borrowers a customer has guaranteed.

Guarantor’s statement

Shows all people who have guaranteed a particular loan




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