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HRM & Payroll System


Human Resource Management System (HRM) / Payroll Software System

This refers to a system with multiple features all geared towards registering, managing and remunerating human capital or human resource within an organization.

The system track employees’ performance and attendance as reported by the payroll clerks or hardware components like biometric access system.

Jisort HRM works with both small and large numbers of employees. The system allow dynamic computation of salaries; dynamic addition of deductions and allowances, non-cash benefits among others

Among modules supported by Jisort Payroll software system include:

  1. Employee Registration
  2. Roles and Assignment
  3. Time Management, Checklist and Working days
  4. Leave Management
  5. Disciplinary Cases
  6. Deductions and Allowances
  7. Item Issue
  8. Payroll Processing
  9. Reporting Module

The payroll application allows calculation of salary based on total worked days.

Statutory Deductions are calculated dynamically based on dynamic gross incomes as processed by the payroll processing module.

Jisort HRM allows generation of standard PAYE report, Standard NSSF report and Standard NHIF Report.

All the reports are structured in standard formats ready for submission to the respective statutory institutions like NHIF, NSSF and KRA in Kenya.

PAYE Report is readily imported and exported to the KRA Tax Payer software for online filling in Kenya

NHIF and NSSF Reports can be directly printed from the system and exported to excel for submission.

This Payroll Software allow an organization to group employees in branches, roles, station of work, job group, banks, gender, status of employment among other important parameters.

The payroll system assists organizations in managing leaves among its workforce using the leave management module.

The system allows tracking of employee conduct, through filling of cases and evidences.

The system assist organizations in tracking assets issued to employees, capturing date of issue and return.

Jisort Payroll System is used by small, medium and large businesses to manage their personnel’s remunerations.

The pay processing process is a simple step wise procedure, this saves organizations man hours which could be wasted in computation of salaries.

Jisort Payroll System keeps record of payments made and analysis on this data can assist an organization in examining its wage bill over a long time.

The HRM is a vertical system that readily integrate with other systems are accounting systems

Jisort Payroll Software is a web based system that is available on demand (as SaaS – Software as a Service) or as premises installation.

The Payroll system has been customized to serve businesses of diverse backgrounds.

Among the Jisort Human Resource System Clients are:

  1. Security Companies
  2. Saccos or Micro Finance Institutions
  3. Construction Companies
  4. Accounting, Audit and Law Firms
  5. Manufacturing Companies
  6. Non-Governmental Organizations

Payroll Price List

No of Employees in the Payroll Price per Month (Ksh)
1-4 Free
5-30 1,200
31-80 1,800
81-150 2,800
Over 200 Custom Quote

Try Jisort HRM and join the happy family.