Jisort for Insurance companies

Jisort platform offers insurance companies high quality clients for micro insurance products. Large pool of clients allow offering of discounted premiums.

List your micro insurance product at Jisort.

Qualification for Insurers at Jisort.

  • Insurer must offer micro insurance product only.
  • Premium must be discounted on basis of Jscore
  • All terms of the policy must be availed at Jisort
  • Insurance must be a registered insurance company or Insurance broker.

Why Insurer Love Jisort

  • Jisort offer a large pool of high quality clients.
  • Jisort links insurers to partners like ecommerce sites and online business who are hard to attract with the traditional insurance business.
  • Jisort provides a pool of young people who insurance needs are quite dynamic.
  • Reduced operation cost on Jisort allow fair premium to customers
  • Reduced risk with application of Jscore.
  • Jscore provides a unique approach to risk analysis – one that cannot be obtained using the traditional insurance systems