Jisort loans accounting software

Loans Accounting Software

Loan Management Software

Jisort stands out as reliable Loan management software in Kenya, Africa and across the world. Serving 150+ financial institutions in Kenya. Irrespective of the type of the financial institution, there are standard procedure within these organizations in relation to processing of loans and management of loan products. Jisort Loan management system seek to address these standard procedures allowing systematic loan application, loan appraisal, loan approval, loan disbursement and loan servicing.

Jisort is a full fledge accounting system that automate these standard procedures for any other financial institution served while delivering the expected results. Some of the standard reports that are common among all the financial institutions served include the following reports.

  • Portfolio at Risk (PAR)
  • Ageing Reports
  • Loan Ledger for Customers / Loan Statement
  • Outstanding loans Report
  • CRB Reports
  • CBK Report
  • Expected Repayments Reports
  • View Loans report
  • Rejected Loans Report
  • Unapproved Loans Report
  • Disbursed Loan Reports.


Among the financial institutions served include


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