What is Jisort Marketplace? | How does it work?

What is Jisort Marketplace? | How does it work?

Jisort marketplace is a digital financial platform for lenders, borrowers and investors, provides mobile loans, Credit Reference Bureau Services and Micro-insurance products.


Jisort platform has three lending product types

  1. Mobile Lending
  2. Mobile Peer to Peer Lending
  3. Merchant Lending


  1. Mobile Lending

Licensed lenders list products on Jisort to lend mobile instant loans either to members of the public or private group of clients.

  1. Mobile Peer to Peer Lending

Multiple lenders (investors) offer loans through Jisort while operating under one big lender. Investor get a fixed return for their investment and guarantee to get a refund of their investment even if their loan get defaulted (after a specified period). The big lender cover the risk of the peer to peer lending in exchange for a share of the peer to peer facility fees.

Peer to Peer investor get advanced returns upon lending, since the peer to peer client get loan less the facility fee.

Become a Lender/Investor with as little as $5 today.

Who is a Jisort Investor?

A legal person who put funds to one of the big lenders on Jisort to Lend on Jisort.

Jisort investor gets guarantee for their investment, investor get advance returns for their money every time they lend and most importantly there is a guarantee of return even if their loan is defaulted. Allow lending for shared returns and covered risks.

  1. Merchant lending

Merchants including small business and ecommerce sellers qualify for Merchant Lending. Jisort has integrated with ecommerce platforms and payment companies to allow lenders lend directly and conveniently to Merchants.

Check if your payment company provider or Ecommerce platform are integrated with Jisort, Ask them to integrate if they are not.