What is Jisort – Meet your finance app

What is Jisort – Meet your finance app

Jisort is the premium financial app for smart people.This is not a bank app like many out there. It is an app designed by smart people for other smart people from all walks of life. The only financial app that provides you with value for your money.

What can Jisort do for me?

Jisort allow you to borrow from multiple lenders

Jisort provides the cheapest loans and microloans in the market

Jisort provides simple and innovative micro insurance products – like travel insurance, luggage and shipping insurance.

Jisort is the only service that give you CRB status free of charge. – this allow you to know if you are blacklisted by any lender at the Credit Reference Bureaus

Jisort CRB services also include:

  1. CRB status – free
  2. CRB reports – Cheapest in the Market
  3. CRB certificates – Cheapest in the market

What other services can I get from Jisort?

Load airtime to any number

  • Why buy airtime with Jisort – convenient to buy
  • Occasional discounts and bonuses, as much as 10% bonuses

J-score – innovative credit score that gives your insight on your financial position in the eyes of the lenders and financier. Obtain your J-score today.


Unbank with Jisort

Jisort serves people from a click of a button. No queues, No Banking halls, No Ledger   fees

How can I unbank with Jisort?


Balances within Jisort attract no fees like the traditional financier load fees to eat up your savings



Jisort gives access to multiple innovative loan products at competitive rates from multiple financiers

Bill payment

Jisort is adding a functionality to manage your bills.

Jisort will be the only service that will allow scheduling of bill settlement while giving important insights about your bills and how you can save by adopting alternatives.

Insurance services

Jisort partners with insurance companies to provide innovative insurance products for Jisort users. Jisort provides the most innovative and cheapest micro-insurance products in the market.

CRB Services

CRB services allow Jisort users to stay informed of their financial status and credibility as assessed by Credit Reference Bureaus and lenders.


  1. Your Smartphone
  2. Download Jisort Mobile App
  3. Register with Bio data
  4. Get the services


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