Jisort vs Other Micro Lenders


Jisort vs Other Micro Lenders

Jisort Micro lending service compared with Branch International, Tala, and Safaricom powered Mshwari.

Jisort is platform or marketplace with multiple lender and financial providers offering micro loans and micro insurance to consumers based on credit scoring via smartphone application.


  Jisort Branch Tala Mshwari
Multiple Financial players Several Lenders, MFIs and Insurers Branch only Tala only CBA only
Multiple products Loans, deposits, insurance Loans only Loans Loan and deposit
USSD Functionality Under development Not available Not available Available
Mobile Application Available Available Available Available
Origin Kenya USA USA Kenya
Average Interests  per month 5% – 14% 15% – 17% 15% – 18% 7.5%



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