Jisort Wallet

Innovative digital wallet that runs from your smartphone. The Wallet can receive and send money.

Jisort Wallet is the new pocket bank, some of the services provided through Jisort wallet include:

Send money via phone number


Allow sending of money to a phone number of other wallet uses for free.

Send money via QR code


Allow sending money to other wallet users by scanning QR code of the intended recipient

It also allow sending of money to other wallet users by importing their QR codes that they may have shared to you via Chat

Buy airtime

Allow convenient loading of money from wallet to any phone numbers

Pay Loan

Allow payment of any outstanding loan on Jisort at no extra cost

Withdraw money

A feature on Jisort that allow withdraw of funds from Jisort to other payment channels like Bank, Mpesa, etc.

Top up wallet

A feature that allow Jisort users move money from other channels like bank, cards, Mpesa to Jisort wallet.

My Transactions

My transaction is a feature that shows historical transactions on Jisort, all individual transaction to and from Jisort are recorded on my transactions

My QR code

MY QR code displays a Jisort wallet unique QR code that can be used to receive money sent by other Jisort wallet users


Agent facilitate cheap loading of money to Jisort and cheap withdrawal of money from Jisort. Agent feature allow you to request to become an agent.

Agent’s module also allow you to see agents near you and chat with them for agency services.



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