Jisort White labeling Partnership


Jisort is partnering with IT companies, Software Companies, Software Vendors to deliver a world class Cloud Microfinance System to clientele around the world.

Through Partnership Jisort has been able to reach more countries and regions. Partners are able to do the following

  • Translation to local languages
  • Local Business Model and pricing
  • Local Tax Rules settings
  • Local Regulatory compliance settings


Jisort partnership require the partner to invest in licenses – allow a partner to incur an operational expense on Pay as You Go Basis as opposed to a huge capital expense.

Jisort handles the following

  • Technical support
  • System maintenance and upgrades
  • Training and Support to Partners’ personnel

Partner Handles

  • Own pricing policy
  • Own Marketing strategy
  • Own Branding
  • Own client support
  • Own Client Training
  • Own client onboarding and billing



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