Lend a friend via Jisort

Lend a friend by Jisort

Have lent small money to 3 of my friends and am unable to follow-up – they pretend they don’t remember

friend loans


You should have used Jisort to lend them, using the lend a friend feature. Jisort reminds your friends to pay until they pay.


I lost track of how much have lent my friends

You should lend your friends using Jisort only. Jisort keeps track of all the loans you have lent to friends.

Just 3 month ago I lent Johnie now he pretends to forget my debt and he want I save him again


lend via Jisort


Use Jisort to lend to friends, using lend to a friend feature, Jisort ensures that your friend can only have one unpaid loan from you at time.

I lent one of my friend yester night at the bar, I can’t remember who among my friends, it was and how much


cant remember

Next time, use Jisort to lend to your friend, now you could be having full account of who and how much you lent.


Have been lending my Husband money, every time he pretends to forget or to have paid me in kind


couple loans

Next time, use Jisort to lend him and he will have to pay and no paying in kind. Money for Money only.

Lend a Friend

Lend a friend allow you to lend money to your friends in an accountable manner, Jisort basically becomes your personal portfolio manager.

Jisort allow you to lend to a friend directly from Mpesa, keeping track of loan amount, repayment amount, repayment period and other details of the friendly loan.

  • Keeps reminding your friend to pay until they pay
  • Jisort keeps track of all your friendly loans that have not been paid
  • Jisort sends you money immediately a friend pays your loan.
  • Jisort gives you back power as a lender even when you are lending your best friends.
  • At worst Jisort blacklist friends who don’t pay friendly loans.
  • Avoid bad debts – lend to friends via Jisort.



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