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Jisort for lenders

Start lending now – all you need is the money to lend – Jisort provides the borrowers and technology to manage them.

Lenders including SACCOs, Microfinance Institutions, MFIs, Welfare Groups, Banks, Community Banks, Credit Unions, Lending Companies, and Chamas have a new digital platform to serve their existing clients and members conveniently, timely and cost effectively. Lenders have also utilized Jisort to expand their reach and lend to a wider pool of high quality borrowers specially appraised by a world class innovative technology called Jscore. Jscore can be simply described as an aggregate credit scoring generated from an individual’s financial history and social data. Rich and consistent data on an individual leads to higher Jscore.

Lenders have access to a feature rich platform that has some of the following features:

  • Rich Client Registration module for the best KYC
  • Loan Origination and appraisal and disbursement system linked to the marketplace
  • Easy payment modules – integrated with mobile money, banks, cards
  • CRM system to manage your clients and leads.
  • Full fledge accounting system and financial reporting
  • Rich reporting and business analytic tools
  • Full Human Resource and Payroll System to manage your human capital
  • Fixed Deposit Management system to offer fixed deposit products
  • Savings and Interest Accruing Savings product management system to offer saving accounts
  • Shares Management System – to offer shares, transfer shares and manage issued shares to the public
  • Open API to readily extend system functionality or customize to fit your custom need.


Why Financial Partners love Jisort

  • Jisort is SACCO’s lifeline – are able to attract and retain members who were lost as result of bureaucracies and inconveniences in loan appraisal and disbursement
  • Saccos and cooperatives are now able to strictly enforce their bylaws and constitution in regard to disbursement and loan appraisal
  • At last they can now compete with quick credit facilities who have been taking away their business.
  • Reduced cost per shilling /dollar lend
  • Reduced risk despite growth of portfolio
  • Faster Return of Investment.
  • Access to more funding due to reduced risk and transparency in lending.
  • Microfinance, MFIs and banks have access to larger pool of high quality borrowers
  • Rich and insightful business analytics and reports from Jisort platform.­
  • Jisort is still the best SACCO information management system
  • Jisort is still the best Microfinance Management Software System
  • Jisort is still the best financial accounting system for a financial institution
  • Other have called Jisort SACCO ERP, Microfinance ERP, Chama software, Cooperative ERP, Lending ERP as a proof on Jisort unmatched capacity to manage information in financial institutions