Lending Software in Tanzania


Jisort Cloud System is a loans and savings management system, popular among SACCOs, Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs), Groups/Chamas, Credit Companies among other institutions.

It is an all round system that financial institutions use to manage their operations such as member accounts and loan management. Among the features in Jisort for loan management are;

  • Creation of loan products
  • Loan Application
  • Loan approval and disbursement
  • Debt collection
  • Payment reminders through text and/or email

Users are billed $25 monthly. Visit https://www.jisort.com/ for more functionalities by the Jisort System.


The software serves clients not only in Tanzania but the rest of east africa. Some of its features include;

  • SMS alerts on every transaction
  • Loan appraisal and processing
  • Grouping users according to their roles
  • Unlimited members
  • Balanced, statements and other reports
  • Unlimited number of users at a time

For more visit; https://tanzania.movetechsolutions.com/sacco-management-software/

Musoni System

This is a cloud based core banking system that supports Saccos, Microfinance Institutions among other financial institutions. Set up of the system takes up to 4 weeks, however, for organizations that are starting up, they go live within a day.

The loan management module can be customized to suit an organization’s needs. Some of its features are;

  • Loan products 
  • Interest calculation method
  • Loan Charges
  • Loan application and disbursement
  • Repayment reminders
  • Loan repayment, among others

For more on musoni system, visit; http://musonisystem.com/

Loan Book

Loan Book is a simple lending application designed to meet the needs of small and medium  lenders such as peer to peer lending and Chamas. It’s simple interface makes it possible for lenders to manage their clients’ accounts with the much needed ease. Additionally, the application is free for one user, while more users are charged.

Features include;

  • Client registration
  • Setting up loan interests and penalties
  • Loan repayment schedule
  • Printing out reports
  • Debt collection

The application is available on different platforms;

Download for Linux – http://bit.ly/2TctPjG

Download for windows – http://bit.ly/2vtz7OEWeb version – http://bit.ly/38lCt3C

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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