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Loan Management Solutions in Algeria


Loan Book is one of the simplest lending applications designed for lenders in Algeria. It is suitable for use by small lenders such as micro finance institutions and peer to peer. Loanbook is supported on different platforms such as Windows, Linux and Web. Simply put, the application offers a platform for lenders to manage their loan products as well as their clients with ease. Calculation of interests, generating payment schedules and viewing and printing of reports are some of other functionalities supported by the application. For more information. visit


Beyn specializes in the design of IT solutions for financial institutions in Algeria and other countries in North Africa and the world. Beyn’s solutions allow institutions to digitize their financial operations making it easy to use for clients across generations. Additionally, software is customized to suit the institutions’ needs thus giving their employees and clients a good experience. The digitized operations include; client management, product management and payments.


Jisort Cloud System is a loans and savings management system, popular Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs), Credit Companies among other financial institutions. It is an all round system that financial institutions use to manage their operations. The loan management module involves, creation of loan products, loan disbursement and debt collection.


Oracle Banking offers a solution that enables banks and other financial institutions to manage and dominate the financial ecosystem. The solutions aim at efficiently connecting the banks and their clients. Bank operations such as product creation, disbursement of funds and  debt collection are all digitized.


Lastly, for this list is the K-Loans by Kenya Hosting Experts. This is a loan servicing solution suitable for peer to peer lending, micro finance, credit unions among other lending institutions. The entire loan process is digitized from loan initiation to debt collection. Lenders are able to evaluate the credit worthiness of the client  and automatically disburse the funds. A free demo with credentials is available for anyone who would want a test drive.