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Microfinance ERP


Microfinance ERP

Jisort Microfinance ERP is a comprehensive microfinance software providing a set of tools designed to manage operation within a microfinance institution. The tools include functional tools and non-functional tools.

Functional tools are set of application used in managing microfinance’s transactions in the day to day running.

Non-functional tools refer to add-on software application that support the microfinance business such HR/Payroll – the application has little to do with direct management of microfinance transactions.

Microfinance ERP Modules

Registration (KYC)

Registration module on microfinance ERP allow capture of a customer’s bio data, locational data, social data and economic data.

Jisort KYC system employs data validation to the data being uploaded such as.

Jisort AI checks documents uploaded to ensure they are valid documents.

Jisort also validates phone numbers and email addresses.

In addition Jisort AI performs background check on data captured on the system to ensure persons registered are as registered by national records or immigration department.



Member Personal Account (MPA)

All transaction that affect a member of a customer of a microfinance are captured through the MPA.

Payments to a member’s shares account are captured through MPA

Payments to a member’s savings account are captured through MPA

All loan repayments are also received through the MPA module

MPA module also supports client account statements for all the products including loans, savings and shares.



Payments module allow the microfinance to receipt for incomes and expenses to and from the microfinance.

Expense module allow generation of payment vouchers.

Income module allow generation of a receipt after completion of the transactions.


One of the most important module in a microfinance software.

Allow creation of dynamic loan products – reducing balance or straight-line interest format.

Interest or charges can be

  • A figure
  • A Percentage
  • A Range
  • A Dynamic formula

Charges and penalties/fines can be placed during disbursement or on installment payments.

Jisort loan module can support more than a million loans on multiple loan products

Jisort loan module supports mobile lending as well.

Loan module allow maker checker principle in approval and disbursement of the loan.



Jisort finance module provide insightful reports and statements to the management of a microfinance.

Some of supported functionalities on Finance module include:

  • Automated bank reconciliations
  • Budgeting and Control

Some of the popular reports include:

  • Trial balance
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Cashbook
  • Balance sheet
  • Change in Equity



Jisort Microfinance ERP supports more than 200 reports and charts presenting information from registration module, saving and shares module, loan module, Finance Module, Asset Module, CRM Module, HR/Payroll Module and SMS Module.

Jisort Microfinance ERP also supports a easy to use report generator for admin users of the system to create custom reports with ease.



Allow registration of leads on the Microfinance ERP

Allow creation of campaigns – sms and email to leads

Allow automated follow up and qualification of leads

Allow conversion of leads to sales.



Add-on module on Jisort Microfinance ERP used by microfinance institutions to manage Human resource matters including:

  • Profiling Employees
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Training and equipping of employees
  • KPI system and remuneration
  • Allowance and earning computation
  • Attendance and time management
  • Payroll processing
  • Payslip generation
  • Statutory deduction compliance
  • HR and Payroll Reports