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Jisort Microfinance Software has been recognized as one of the most innovative Microfinance Software globally here is why.

Hundreds of Microfinance Institutions can attest to that, this is their experience


Rich KYC Module

Jisort KYC allow capturing of all bio data, social data, economic data and other relevant data pertaining your customers

  • Names
  • Date of birth
  • National ID/Passport Number
  • Next of Kin Details
  • Residential Address
  • Work Address
  • Google Map Location
  • Bank Details
  • Income Levels
  • Education levels
  • Family Size
  • Attachment of passport photos, scanned documents

What makes Jisort KYC special?

Upload Validation, Jisort AI checks and validates authenticity of uploaded documents.

Personal data verification – Jisort AI verify personal data submitted including names as per government records.

CRM integration – Jisort CRM allow easy onboarding of registered clients to existing products through conversion tools like email campaign, SMS campaigns among others

Agency Model – Jisort supports agents and commissions system – this allow Microfinances to effectively engage agents for recruitment and onboarding services.

Comprehensive Loan Module

Jisort loan management system support dynamic loans. Main Loan type based on interest calculation model supported include:

  • Reducing Balance
  • Straight Line

There are multiple variation of the two loan types.

Jisort loan management system allow several loan amortization model including:

  • Equal principle Amortization

This is also called the declining installment amortizations

  • Equal Installment Amortization

This is also called increasing principle installment

Jisort loan management allow several types of loan charges including:

  • Loan Disbursement Charges – charged during loan disbursement
  • Installment Charges – charged during loan installment payment

Charges can be inform of

  • Fixed amounts
  • Percentage of amounts
  • Variable amount based on range
  • Combination of these options



Effective Payments Module

Jisort allow receipt of payments from clients to their accounts through the Client Personal Account.

Allow receipt of microfinance incomes

Allow capture of microfinance expenses

Payment module is integrated with mobile money and other payment gateway such as Mpesa, Airtel Money, Woza

Rich Reports and Analytics

Jisort has more than 200 comprehensive reports that are useful for Jisort users. Some of popular reports include:

  • Loan Portfolio Report
  • Portfolio at Risk
  • Active loans
  • Completed loans
  • Reversed loans
  • Defaulted Loans
  • Savings Report
  • Shares reports
  • Asset register
  • Dormant Members
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash flow statement
  • Income statement / Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance sheet



Dynamic Dashboard

Jisort has an interactive dashboard with personalized user experience.

Every user on Jisort access Jisort that is relevant to their role. Loan officers get charts on Loans and Portfolio at Risk

KYC officer dashboard is populated with charts on customer KYC data.


Alternative Banking Channels Supported

Jisort supports multiple alternative banking channels – ABC including:

  • ATM
  • POS
  • Mobile App
  • USSD

Microfinance customer’s experience

Jisort provides one of the best customer experience for microfinance customers.

Customers have the following channel to access their account on

Web portal / Internet banking – customers are able to login to their account from the browser

Mobile Banking – Customers can conveniently access their account from their smartphone app

USSD – customers are able to access their account by dialing USSD code – thus convenience over any kind of phone.

Short code – Short code on Jisort allow automatic but dynamic responses from system after sending shortcode to the system.

Serves basic functionalities such

  • Saving and Shares Account balance Inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Loan Balances inquiry



Add-on Module

There multiple add-on modules on Jisort. Some of the most popular add-on module include:

HR/Payroll – process salary and HR matter of your employees

CRM – run successful SMS and Email campaign to your leads

Asset Register – An important module that registers assets and keep track of depreciation among other service related costs.



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