Mobile Lending platform – Jisort

Mobile Lending platform

Jisort is a mobile lending platform supporting several mobile lenders in Africa.

Jisort comprises of the following components

Jisort Web Platform

Web based suite of tools bundled into intuitive application for lenders or microfinances or banks or credit unions. It is designed to help the lenders, MFI, Banks, Microfinances, SACCOs, Credit Union to manage their portfolio.

The web application allow creation of dynamic loan products, dynamic savings products, dynamic fixed deposit products, dynamic shares product for their clients.

The web applications has one of the best KYC platform – equipped with data validation tools to ensure data integrity.

In additional, there are rich reports and analytic supporting the business intelligence module.

Accounting and Finance is another important module that performs bookkeeping and financial reporting functions for the lender, microfinance, bank, sacco, mfi or the credit union.

Jisort Web application has several supporting modules including HR and Payroll, Asset Manager, CRM, among others.

Jisort Web Application is accessible from


Jisort Mobile App

This is the marketplace where Jisort users get to access the different financial services as availed by the financial partners.

Users get to compare different microloans, different saving products, and different micro insurance products before adopting them.

Multiple financial partners offering similar products creates healthy competition that ensures the users get the best value for money in addition to options that suites the needs.

Jisort mobile apps are available on all the major playstores


Jisort USSD Platform

Jisort USSD platform is a Jisort Mobile App or Marketplace addon that allow Jisort users to access their accounts on Jisort via USSD. USSD is important for users with feature phones – users with no smartphones and therefore are not able to run Jisort Mobile App

It is also important for users facing poor internet connectivity, it allow such users to access their accounts or Jisort services via GSM Network.

*123***# is the USSD format.

Jisort USSD Platform contributes greatly to financial inclusivity goal.

What is Microlending?


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