Partners: Jisort Certified Developers

jisort developers

jisort developers

Jisort Certified Developers

Jisort has an Open API that has been publicly published for any interested parties. All features on Jisort are available through Jisort API.

  • Jisort API is simple Restful API that has attracted several third party developers who have come up with:
  • Mobile Applications based on the API
  • Alternative User Interface
  • Reports and Charts
  • New system features
  • Communication Channels
  • Payment Integrations

Jisort runs a simple developers course.

Developer’s course objectives include:

  • Equip the developers with basic understanding of the system
  • Introduction to accounting and financial reports
  • Introduce Jisort API to developers in the simplest manner
  • Showcase a few successful extension of the API – to inspire innovation

Successful completion of Jisort Developers Course leads to Jisort Developer Certification

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