Partners: Jisort Certified Trainers

Jisort Certified Trainers

Jisort is a simple system for ordinary people. Jisort also supports advanced users like Accountants, System administrators, Credit Officers,

Jisort training is tailored to equip both advance and simple users with rich knowhow. Knowledge transfer is conducted by Jisort Certified Trainers. Trainers are equipped with capacity to train any system user;

  • Jisort Standard users
  • Jisort System Administrators
  • Jisort Developers
  • Jisort Trainers
  • Jisort Implementers

Training Certification is acquired after rigorous training and exposure on the system. There are no prerequisite for a trainer, though an accounting background and previous training and system support exposure may go a long way.

Jisort Trainers are individual professionals that have passion in serving clients through transfer of knowledge and support.

Every certified trainer is entitled to a free Trainer Account of Jisort E-learning portal that gives them access to rich training resources.


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