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Sacco Accounting Software

Best Sacco Accounting Software

Jisort has been mentioned by a few as the best Sacco Accounting Software System out in the market. At Jisort, we are not surprised by these reviews, but instead we are working hard to ensure there are more similar reviews especially from our clients.

Jisort addresses some important aspects of SACCO management in outstanding ways.

Bookkeeping at The SACCO

Jisort is the chief book keeper at all the SACCO that runs Jisort. Jisort captures all transactions including income transactions from fees charged to interest earned, to trading activities that the SACCO engages in.

Jisort also captures all expenses including administrative expenses, financing costs, and other costs.

Transactions associated with Assets, Capital and Liabilities are also captured.

With these transactions, Jisort organize and process the data into valuable information. Organized information is presented inform of Ledgers, Control Accounts, Financial Books. In additional to these vital accounting reports, Jisort provides rich business analytics reports that allow SACCO management to make insight-full and informed decisions

Level of knowledge

SACCO in general experience a challenge in relation to the knowledge levels of their staff. Most SACCOs are not able to hire top graduates in finance and accounting who are usually absorbed by banks and big corporate.

Jisort address this challenge by simplifying SACCO business operations. Any SACCO using Jisort may not need to hire an accountant or a finance officer. A trained Jisort user can deliver just as an accountant.

Jisort process data and present it in the simplest form to its application in the business set up

Cost of professional services

It costs a fortune to hire professional services including human resource services, tax returns and consultancy and audit services.

Jisort has an inbuilt human resource management system that empowers a user to function and deliver like a professional human resource manager.

Audit for organization running Jisort is simpler due to high level of data organization – this may save a SACCO a fortune when negotiating for best audit fees.

Good management practices

SACCOs using Jisort find the system to be strict. Jisort enforces SACCOs by-laws to the letter. Ensuring all guidelines are followed in all the operations including

  1. proper loan approval process
  2. loan disbursement process
  3. loan appraisal process
  4. Expenses incurring
  5. Among other

Good Management Practices promoted by Jisort safeguards shareholder funds from mismanagement and that is why Jisort is the best SACCO Accounting System.