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The Best SACCO Management Software In Zimbabwe

The name SACCOS is an acronym for Savings and Credit Cooperative Society. It brings people with common interests together, such as farmers, churches, employees, etc, for the purposes of savings. With the savings members are able to take up loan facilities, majorly with the goal of development. The growing number of SACCOs in Zimbabwe calls for the provision of good management software for them. In this article, we discuss some of the SACCO software in Zimbabwe financial institutions.

Websoftex Sacco Software

This is a web-based SACCO software customized to manage all SACCO operations. It helps SACCO manage all its staff, branch activities, customers among other SACCO activities.

Features of the Software include;
  •  Member Management
  •  Share Management
  •  Deposit Account Management
  • General Ledger and other Financial Reports
  • Loan Product Management


This is one of the SACCO software in Zimbabwe. It is a desktop application. However, there is a LoanPerformer web app that can be used in conjunction with it. The application allows field officers to enter loan repayments, deposits, and withdrawals from the field. They can view some statements and reports too. The Web App is accessible on any mobile device that is browser enabled and has a network connection to the LoanPerfromer database server.

Among the modules present in the software are;
  • Clients Module  – Includes individual accounts, groups, businesses among others
  • Shares Module
  • General Ledger
  • Savings Module
  • Loan Portfolio Module


This is a cloud-based SACCO software serving institutions in Zimbabwe. It is an all-around system that financial institutions use to manage their operations. These include member on-boarding and registration, accounts management among others.

Modules include;
  • Member management > registration, account set up etc 
  • User Management > People serving members etc
  • Loan Product Management> Set up, application, processing, disbursement, collection etc
  • Savings and Deposit Account management
  • Financial Reports and Statements
  • Member Portal – allows members to access their accounts, update their information, apply for loans etc

Musoni System

Musoni system is an award-winning cloud-based system. It is used by different financial institutions across the world. Additionally, the platform has been designed to allow integrations with other platforms. This makes it easy to use and convenient for customers.

Key features include:
  • Client and Group management
  • Loans and Savings – Allows one to launch products easily
  • Automatic credit checks for improved loan decisions
  • Integrated accounting – financial reports and statements

It is the aim of every SACCO that they offer their members the best service. Using good SACCO software is one way to ensure that SACCOs run smoothly and satisfy their clients.