Start mobile lending today

Mobile lending has never been as popular as it is today. There is large demand for mobile loans in Africa. Mobile lending has been made popular by fintech companies that have revolutionized the old lending business. Some of the fintech include:

  • Tala
  • Branch
  • Jisort
  • Paylater
  • Mshwari


Benefits of Mobile Lending

The cost of lending per dollar has gone lower when compared with the traditional lending

Ability to offer microloans which were uneconomical offer for big lenders using the traditional lending of pen and paper.

Ability to scale faster and with low geographical challenges

Highly profitable



Disadvantages of Mobile lending

  1. Weak credit scoring can lead to huge losses
  2. Effective only in countries with developed mobile money technologies or electronic money
  3. Much harder to build customer loyalty when compared with the traditional lending.
  4. Available only in areas with mobile Telco network.
  5. Require electronic form of Government form identification – to be available for use by fintech

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