The Loan; Book and Disk

Since its origination over 3000 years ago, the lending system has evolved over the years; from pawnbrokers to banks and lending institutions. A lot of software has arisen to reduce the manual work involved in the traditional lending system. Introduction of online banking and fintech (apps) has made the lending process much easier and convenient for both the lender and the borrower. Loandisk and LoanBook are some of the applications that have been designed to ease operations for lenders and in turn borrowers.

Loandisk is a software that allows lenders to manage their borrowers, loans, repayments and collections with ease. It started out as an inhouse solution for a company whose employee loans grew by the day and needed proper documentation and management. It was formally launched  worldwide in 2015. With time, it has grown to be used by more firms and companies due to its easy to use unique features.

Loanbook is the simplest lending software designed to cater for the needs of all lenders. Launched in 2020, the application can be used by microfinance institutions, SACCOs and those doing peer to peer lending. The features are easy to understand and use thus making it convenient for all.

Features present in both and allow users to;

  • Add clients
  • Set up loan amounts and interest rates
  • Generate payment schedules
  • Generate reports for active and/completed loans.
  • Generate clients’ reports

Loanbook is available for download and free to use for one user. Additional users are charged an affordable amount per month. In contrast, loandisk charges a monthly subscription $40 for one user, which is 60% more than Loanbook. Thus it is safe to say that Loanbook is more affordable.

With these and more software for lenders, one would need to pick the most easy to use and convenient. Loanbook is both. You are guaranteed of security for your data and no downtime. Visit Windows Store and get yourself the Loanbook App today and get your lending business going.

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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