Top 5 lending software in Nepal

The Nepalese government opened microfinance banks, institutions and cooperatives in order to alleviate poverty in the country. Microfinance banks have been operating in the rural areas of Nepal, providing microcredit, savings services, informal education, first aid health services, training and skill development. Despite these activities, microfinance banks in Nepal face problems that include:

  • Lack of outreach to the ultra poor, and communities in remote and hilly areas;
  • Lack of resources;
  • High interest on deprived sector policy loans;
  • High taxes;
  • Problems with capacity building;
  • Lack of permission from the central bank to accept public deposits;
  • Lack of government attention;
  • Lack of sustainability and viability.

Digital Lending is the solution to some of the above problems and a new age in the domain of lending. There are various digital lending software providers in the Indian market. Below are some of them:

  1. Loanbook

Loanbook is a simple lending application available for various platforms like web, Windows and Linux. The goal of the application is to simplify software acquisition implementation process for simple lenders like payday lenders from months to minutes. Loanbook is powered by Jisort platform which is a fully fledged banking system for SACCOs and MFIs. Loanbook setup is as simple as:

  • Setting your default country,
  • Setting your currency, and
  • Setting your default bank.

The application is free to use for one user and only an additional user is billed.

2. AMSOFT Technologies

AMSOFT Technologies is an IT Consulting and Software Company serving in IT related areas since its incorporation for more than 9 years. The Company was founded by a team of Experts and Engineers specializing in System Analysis, Software, Web Application Development, Web Services and IT Consulting Services. The Company is serving businesses of all sizes with Custom Web Site Design, Web Application Development, Content Management Website Design/Dynamic Website Design, E-Commerce Web Development, Open Source Customization, Search Engine Optimization and Customized Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, System Administration and Network Support Services.

3. Oracle Flexcube

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking is a real-time, online, comprehensive approach to core banking requirements around the world. It offers a bundle of Universal Banking Suites including

  • Oracle Banking Platform
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking
  • Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing (successor to Daybreak Lending Suite)
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking- Internet, Mobile, SMS and WAP
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Messaging Hub
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Remit
  • Oracle FLEXCUBE Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management

4. Pumori Banking Software

Pumori banking software is an innovative and reliable software platform designed to build centralize solutions for banks, financial institutions and co-operative sectors. It is user friendly, which leads towards full automation and low cost upgrade and rapid migration.

Pumori is developed with the world’s most robust tools like Delphi 5, ADP, ASPX for Windows 2000+, SQL Server 2000+ and uses Three Tier Architecture for portabiltiy and flexibility. Pumori is an on-line multi user, multi currency back office operation and generates complete banking solution.

5. Jisort

Jisort is a Cloud Based Microfinance and loan management software application serving lending institutions, Microfinance Banks, SACCOs, Cooperatives, Credit unions, Retail Banks and Mobile Lenders. Jisort support the full loan management cycle at depth.

  • Loan Application
  • Loan Processing
  • Loan Approval
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Repayments
  • Payment Collections
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Reports and analysis
  • Savings and deposits
  • Mobile Lending
  • Cash Management and Treasury.

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