Top Loan Management Software in Ecuador.

(El mejor software de gestión de préstamos en Ecuador.)



Credinnova is the leading loan software platform in Ecuador. Credinnova is owned and maintained by INNOVA LATIN, one of the leading technology company in Latin America. With strong presence in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Some of the features on the Credinnova include:

Credit assessment (Evaluación Crediticia)

Credit Assessment module evaluate a borrower and determine a borrower limit based on income levels, previous credit history and other factors that affect the ability to pay the loan facility.

Backups (Copias de Seguridad)

Credinnova support automated daily backup of data to avoid data loss in case of system failure

Multilevel Accesss (Acceso Multinivel)

Credinnova supports multiple levels of access based on permissions. Its also called role-based administration, where every user has been assigned permission on things that that user can do on the system based on the role within the company.

It improves the security of the company data.

Adaptive designs (Diseño Adaptativo)

Credinnova is accessible on mobile, tablets and computers since its design adapt to the device being used.

Collection (Cobranza y Mora)

Credinnova has an advanced Collection module, sending reminders and alerts to customers to pay regularly.

Reports (Reportes)

Credinnova has rich reports and graphs for the lender, loan reports, portfolio at risk, financial reporting, among other critical reports and graphs



Simple Loan Software accessible via Web Browser, Windows 10 computers and Linux Computers.

LoanBook is available for free to use for up to 1 user. Additional users are billed. LoanBook is popular Loan Management Software across the World and in Ecuador it could be second most popular after Credinnova.

Some of the most popular functionalities include>

Client registration

Registering customers most important data in the most simple way

Loan Issue

Offer loan to the clients, capturing loan amount, interest, charges, repayment dates, amortization, interest type among others

Loan Approval

Allow rejection and approval of loans applied.

Loan Disbursement

Allow disburse of approved loans to the customers accounts.

Loan Repayment

Allow repayment of loans, collection of payments for due loans.

Reports and Statements

LoanBook supports simple and comprehensive loan reports for the lender and the borrowers account statement.



Mambu is a Germany based cloud Microfinance platform serving large microfinance institutions, banks, credit union and large lenders.

Mambu servers a few large lenders in Ecuador. Mambu is expensive for small lenders as it require a minimum budget of $16000 per year.

Mambu has very advanced cloud banking functionalities such as

Client Management

Allow capture of clients from lead to conversion

Captures additional details as may be required by the microfinance institution.

Mambu also support upload of identification documents and attachments.

Loan Management

Supports the entire loan life cycle, issue of loan, loan approval procedures, Loan disbursements, loan repayments and loan servicing.

Some of the loan servicing features include: loan rescheduling, loan write-off, loan roll-over among others

Savings and Deposits

Mambu supports multiple types of Savings and Deposits products including Term deposits, Fixed Deposits, Interest incurring savings, shares products among others.

Reports and Analytics

Mambu supports multiple Comprehensive reports on different data sets

Mambu Rich Graphs and Charts help management is identifying trends and pointing out relationship between different data items.

Mambu supports custom designed charts and graphs

Finance and Accounting

Mambu supports standard bookkeeping practices to advance financial accounting and reporting. Mambu is a multicurrency platform that also support different standard of accounting.

Payments and Integrations

Mambu has a rich API that allow integration with Credit Reference Services, Payment Gateways, SMS gateways, Hardware gadgets, and other services



Loandisk is a cloud loan management system designed for Microfinance Industry. Loandisk supports some of the following functionalities:

Loan Management

Allow issue of loan to registered clients

  • Loan Approval
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Repayment
  • Payment Collection management

Savings Accounts

  • Allow creation of simple savings product
  • Allow capture of payments into the Savings accounts
  • Allow calculation of interest on to the savings account
  • Supports Savings Product Statements

Charts and Reports

Loandisk has one of the best visualization of data and trends through reports, charts and graphs.

Loandisks graphs assist in fast decision making.

Staff Management

  • Allow registering of employees
  • Assigning of roles of employees
  • Payroll calculation
  • Payslip generation for the staff
  • Loandisk pricing starts at $40 per month for a single user account.



Lendstream is a Europe bases cloud lending platform that supports access by both borowers and lenders.

Lendstream works like a marketplace helping lenders to understand borrowers better based on credit history and matching borrowers to the best credit product.

Some financial institution subscribe to Lendstream as an addon for credit referencing and other services.

Lendstream supports a few lenders in Ecuador.

Some key features include:

  • Multi-Tenancy & Customization
  • Automated Workflows
  • Integrated Document Management
  • CRM & Communications
  • Security & Tracking
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Analytics, Insights & Machine Learning
  • Personnel Management
  • Integrations & APIs

Other worth mentions include:

NewGen –


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