Jisort SMS for WHMCS

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WHMCS SMS Module Features

  • SMS Settings – Configure SMS gateways settings and SMS alert message templates
  • Invoice Created – Alert your client that an invoice has been generated
  • Invoice Paid – Thank your client for the payment
  • Invoice Reminder – Let your client know that the invoice is almost due
  • Invoice First Overdue – Let your client know that their invoice is now overdue
  • Invoice Second Overdue – Remind your client that the invoice is overdue
  • Invoice Third Overdue – Send another reminder that the invoice is still overdue
  • Module Create – Notify your client that their service is now active
  • Module Suspend – Alert your client that the service is suspended
  • Module Un-suspend – Notify your client that the service is now reactivated
  • Module Terminated – Notify your client that their service is now terminated
  • Module Password Change – Alert your client that their service password has been changed
  • Cancellation Request – Let your client know that you have received their cancellation request
  • Domain Registration – Let your client know that their domain is successfully registered
  • Domain Transfer – Let your client know that you have transferred their domain name to your company
  • Domain Renewal – Notify your client that their domain has been renewed
  • Domain First, Second, Third Overdue – Notify your client that their domain Overdue
  • Enable and disable individual features from the above list
  • Set your own personalized message for each SMS message which is sent
  • Search clients, and view all sent SMS Messages
  • Resend SMS Messages which have previously been sent
  • Send manual SMS Messages to any mobile number with a custom message
  • Sender ID – Display your company name as the sender of SMS Messages
  • Set mobile numbers for your admins, so that they can use two-factor authentication when logging in to the admin area
  • Clients can opt-out of SMS Notification
  • Admin chooses which SMS Messages a client can/will receive
  • Admin Staff – Send an SMS to your Staff when someone Open Ticket, Order Place, Service Create, Unsupend, Ticket Reply, Ticket Close,
  • Cancellation Request
  • Client Notifications to allow admin to enable/disable client page
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Mass SMS
  • Show the number of characters in the message as we type
  • Send SMS from Client Summary Page
  • Can use WHMCS phone number

SMS Gateways:

  • Jisort SMS

General Info:

  • Meets GDPR Requirements
  • Integrated With Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS – Send SMS From Any WHMCS Place
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports PHP 5.6 Up To PHP 7.2
  • Supports WHMCS Template Six
  • Supports WHMCS V7.6 And Later

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