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Why Jisort is the best Core Banking Platform

Ease of Use & Adoption

Adoption time remain one of the largest challenges while implementing a new system. This understanding has led to innovation on Jisort that have tackled this issue. Jisort adoption has been simplified to just data import from spreadsheet programs like Excel. Jisort has zero learning curve; plenty of guiding materials are also available. Resources including video tutorials are available from Jisort website, Youtube and Jisort partners’ websites. System has an embedded user manual to help users working on the system. jisort Team remains committed in making the system easier than Facebook.

Affordable & Accessibility

Jisort has no set up fee, payment of monthly subscription is enough to get user started on Jisort. Jisort does not force users into paying large upfront charges upfront. Pay as you go or as you use is the model, a model that breaks acquisition cost barriers in adoption of the system. Saas model converts acquisition cost from a capital cost to a running cost. This model is important in Jisort’s mission of delivering a financial inclusion platform to the world. Institutions no longer need to acquire and manage expensive servers. Jisort SaaS model allows an organization to achieve lean operations, cutting down IT budget in both short run and in the long run.

Innovative & Updates

Adopting Jisort ensures an organization remains abreast with relevant technological innovations. Jisort research and development team is tasked with finding better ways of serving her customers. Tapping into all technological advancements that are relevant to client’s operations. Jisort carries out updates throughout the year at no additional cost to the clients. Updates focus both on bugs and new feature roll out. Jisort is also committed to advance to a vertical system that integrate-able with all major systems such as QuickBooks, SAP, Salesforce among others.

Multiple Devices

Jisort is accessible over any modern web browser. This possibility allow Jisort to be accessible from any internet enable device; ordinary phones, smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Jisort is also available through android and IOS mobile applications. Jisort is accessible from all platform; Device & Operating System independent, explore the power of dynamicism with Jisort

Data security & Integrity

Data security and integrity is a key component to the success of any organization in modern age. Security threats to data privacy have heightened in modern times. These threats have inspired great innovations in data security technologies. Data security technologies have ensured cloud to remain the most secure computing environments. Ignorant observers will refute this observation. Jisort supports a strong user authentication system; password strength, reset limit, expiry of password, two-way authentications are some of the features available. Authenticated user rely on approved user roles while working on the system or accessing the system data. The most immediate threat to data security comes from internal operations or system users; guided by this observation user roles and permission have been enforced. Jisort has controls in place to avoid malicious data entry and cross-site scripting. Jisort has controls against sql injections among other threats to data integrity. Data on Jisort database is store in encrypted format; ensuring unauthorized access to database does not compromise data privacy. Jisort System is also accessed through a 128-bit to 256-bit encryption provided by top internet security companies. Jisort deploys 24/07 system and server monitoring technologies for the safety of clients. Jisort carries out redundant data backup on daily basis with a restore provision, as an extra layer of precaution.

100% Uptime

System runs on a Network of Servers which are engineered for zero percent downtime no matter the geographical location on the globe. Servers are located across data centers in US, Europe and Asia, a client is served by the server with the least response time. The architecture, security and monitoring technologies serve clients’ trust for a zero percent downtime.