Mambu Login Guide For Beginners

Outstanding results! This is definitely what you get from using one of the most remarkable cloud banking solutions in the market. Therefore, it is key you first understand how to access the Mambu platform using Mambu login.

One of the top advantages you quickly notice when using Mambu is that the interface is straightforward to use. As a result, users who may not be tech-savvy can comfortably use the platform and achieve the desired results. Not forgetting the standby Mambu team of experts who will walk with you every step of the way until you achieve your desired results. 

In essence, Mambu takes a keen interest in its partner ecosystem because they acknowledge that its gradual expansion is influenced by its network of partners. For this reason, we shall be discussing the Mambu login and more ways that you can smoothly manoeuvre around the Mambu platform. 

Mambu Partner Portal 

This is where you will get the interface shown below. For new users, click the green “Apply now” button at the bottom left side of the page and then proceed with registering your details. 

Experienced users only need to enter their credentials on the Mambu login section on the right side of the page. 

The “Remember Me” checkbox just below the user login credentials is a great resource for anyone who tends to forget their password. In addition, there is a “Forgot Password” functionality that assists you to retrieve your password. You will be prompted with a box as shown below. Here, you can quickly retrieve your password and move on to the next step. The most important thing is to ensure that you have access to the email address you used when registering your



Mambu self-service

After getting familiar with Mambu login, learning how to run and manage your platform is the next big flex! This page is for helping you do just that. Here you will learn more about Mambu, and how you can get the best out of most of the available resources. Let us explore the following strategic solutions dedicated to this purpose. 

  1. User guide

This is useful documentation that helps you understand Mambu in-depth, utilise and grow your platform to the heights you have always wanted. You can access information in several ways as highlighted in the image below. Read on to find the description right below this image. 

Mambu login
  1. Navigation pane

Here you will find a list of all the available content grouped into categories. All you need to do is click on your category of choice and see if there are more sub-categories and articles available to explore. You can then click on the article to find the specific information you need. 

  1. Filtering 

There is a filter box just above the navigation pane. Here you can enter keywords to narrow down the categories list. 

  1. Search

The search button is at the center of the header as highlighted in the image above. You can enter search terms here and a list will display all the articles related to what you are looking for. Most likely you will find the exact resource you are looking for. If not, don’t lose heart yet. There is more for you.  

  1. Mambu community

In a situation where you did not find the information you are looking for, check out the Mambu Community where fellow clients post questions and discuss various topics.

  1. Contact Support

At This point, you may be thinking that you are at the edge of finding a solution. But it is exactly where you get all the solutions you need. Click on the button highlighted above to contact one of the Mambu experts to solve your pending issues. 

2. Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO)

This is an optional enterprise feature that acts as an intermediate later between different systems and helps to pull, process, and push data via APIs. Considering the composable Mambu banking architecture, MPO provides a low-code way to merge all your different SaaS applications and in-house applications to make products and new features for your clients. In addition, you can use this to meet all your regional and national regulatory obligations.

This can look like creating processes around client creation hence enriching Mambu with data to easily execute tailored business logic that is outside the scope of Mambu’s core banking services. For example, you can perform credit scoring using Mambu custom fields or calculate a client’s withholding tax burden according to age, location, or other parameters and finally feed this data directly to the client record.

One advantage is that it uses the drag and drop user interface that allows you to create, debug, access reports and statistics through a customizable dashboard. Secondly, the MPO provides robust asynchronous and synchronous APIs to manage workflows and integrate them into your existing CI/CD pipelines.

3. Mambu connectors

A composable banking architecture is an indispensable part of a cloud-native platform. This provides all the flexibility and smooth integration with other services. As a platform that strongly believes in building a healthy ecosystem for customers, connectors must be part of the ingenious Mambu cloud architecture.

Mambu brings together technology vendors that enable financial institutions to build a composable architecture with the core being the Mambu SaaS banking platform. The following are the types of connectors that Mambu considers:

  • Built by Mambu – As the name suggests, these integrations are built and maintained by the Mambu team. 
  • Certified by Mambu – these integrations are built in collaboration with Mambu and a technology partner
  • Built by a partner – these are built and maintained by a different technology partner. 

It is important to also note that most of these connectors work through the Mambu Process Orchestrator. It plays a big role in configuring and interactions between the Mambu Banking Core and other external services.

4. APIs and Webhooks

True to their brand, Mambu introduced version 2 of the powerful REST API in January this year and continues to add new exciting features that you can find here. This API version can be enabled by default for all Mambu users hence benefit from superior features like Cards. You can find more details and comparisons between API v1.0 and API v2.0 here. In addition, the support team is always happy to receive any additional queries and assist you in every possible way.

More Resources To Explore 

As a Mambu client, both new and experienced, there’s always something interesting for you to discover from the rich resource base. Here you can meet new partners, get the latest tech updates, discover new ways of growing your platform, and so many other benefits. The good thing you can access this information offline and then use Mambu login to access and implement it on your platform.

Mambu has explored a wide range of presentation methods hence catering for a diverse audience, not forgetting that this resource is constantly updated with the freshest from the market. Highlighted below are the types of resources that you will come across:

  • Articles from the latest in fintech innovation
  • Customer success stories
  • Press releases about Mambu, their partners, and customers
  • Webinars discussing industry trends
  • Podcasts on the realities of financial players
  • Events providing networking opportunities or presentations.
  • Whitepapers covering research and surveys done on the financial services market.

Wondering how you are going to access this asset? Check out the red arrow on the image below and then click here to access this specific window.

In Conclusion

Using Mambu login is as easy as 1,2,3. The key thing is to use a strong password for your site and enjoy building a remarkable platform for your customers. Mambu ensures that you have all the resources and support from their incredible team to make your vision a reality. Go right ahead and begin your journey with Mambu by clicking here

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