What Kind Of Business Can I Start With 100k In Kenya?

Have just had 100k and you are not sure which kind of business to start? Well, today’s article is about what kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya.

Well, employments are scarce and Kenyans are finding new ways to find cash. Money is a scarce resource and having a way to earn an extra dime is the best way to keep up with the economy.

What kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya?

Business is now a source of income for many people whether employed or not employed. Besides, it has become easy to manage a business so long as one has a plan and strategies.

Having a good plan and strategy on what kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya will help you boost and keep the business growing.

Before starting a business consider this:

  • Market research- know what your clients would want, know the market rates, and how the economy is doing.
  • Have a budget- budgets are the guidelines to help one plan about finances, how to spend and what to save.
  • Have a business plan- this is the structure one uses to set up and keep operating the business. 
  • Location- set up in a safe, open, and easy to reach area allows the customers to access the business fast and easily.
  • There are many other things to consider, read more here.

Here is what kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya

1. Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is buying hosting space from a provider and then reselling it to others. Also the ability of one to use their allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties.

At Truehost Kenya one can start this business. It is fast to set up and easy to run it. 

Reseller Hosting packages

The business is lucrative and besides every day new websites are being developed. Websites need hosting not unless one is using a free site builder like OLITT.

2. M-Pesa Shop

These are cash points for Safaricom users. One can register, withdraw, deposit, and other M-Pesa transaction services.

Having a safe and open location makes the clients feel safe. It also allows clients to see their surroundings whenever they transact. 

M-Pesa shop is essential and beneficial for everyday people transact through M-Pesa. It is safe for Safaricom has put in place measures to curb fraud. 

However, it is also up to the owner to secure the business and prevent fraud by following the rules and guidelines set up by Safaricom.

3. Boda Boda business

This is the booming transport business that is run by many youths. This business involves transporting goods, people, information, and many others.

This business too requires a good location. It is popular around towns because some taxis and buses and even matatus can not reach certain areas. 

It is a good business for it allows cash to flow fast. Also, it allows clients to reach their destinations fast since they can maneuver and pass in areas that cars wouldn’t.

4. Butchery

This is a commercial shop for the sale of meat and other animals, bird products. This business too has become popular for the good services and products available.

Any business requires a good setup, a butchery too needs a strategic position. Customers need to see where they are buying from. They also need to see the hygienic conditions have been met.

It is a good business for it attracts a wide range of customers. Besides one is not limited to selling only one type of meat. It is essential to maintain good conditions and good customer service to keep the business booming.

5. Play Station and Movie shop

This is an entertainment place for everyone. This is one place you can pay to play any game, get any movie and series.

Having this shop in a strategic place is essential. One of these places is a town near to a University or college. 

Students have a lot of time and also need games and movies to keep them busy at times. Games and movies are a good way to refresh their memories.

This is a profitable business but has to be set up in the right location. Everyone requires a little entertainment at times. 

6. Salon

This is a beauty parlor as often it is referred to, it is where ladies go to fix their hair, face, nails, and many others.

The salon business to has gained market value for the services that it has made available for slashed prices. 

It also requires a good strategic place, it shouldn’t be set up just anywhere. Customers need to feel safe and hygienic conditions too must be met.

This business earns one good pay. One must have good workers and the best equipment to keep customers feeling satisfied.

7. Photography

This camera work has boomed in the Kenyan market. This is because people love pictures and keeping memories.

Photography is flexible; one can take photos from anywhere, edit them at their comfort and share them anytime.

Photographers are making money at ease. One has to be strategic when starting this business, location is an added advantage.

Because every day there are events and people love recording memories photography has become a lucrative business.

8. Wine and Spirits

This is the sale of alcoholic and other drinks from a shop. This has saved time for people who prefer buying and going to drink elsewhere.

Being set up in an easy-to-reach and safe location ensures your customers are comfortable and satisfied. Besides, since it is your business one gets to choose how much to charge.

This business is productive and earns one good pay. Besides, one not only sells alcoholic drinks, other drinks too can be sold.

Kenyans love a place that is a quiet, safe, and accessible location. Satisfied customers will always spread the word hence boosting the business.

9. Car Wash

This is the washing of cars. This business too does involve washing of other things like carpets and many others.

Setting up this business is fast and easy so long as one has cash, a place, and the equipment to use. 

This business requires an accessible location that is safe that customers trust and would always come back for the service.

Profits are high in this business. One doesn’t have to concentrate on just washing cars but can offer other services like washing carpets.

10. Lending Business.

This is crediting debtors and expecting payments within the agreed time but with an interest. It is a good start-up business for everyone is always in need of extra cash.

One can start this business online or set up an office. An office ought to be safe and secure and it should make the client want to transact without fear.

This business too is earning people money. Interests and other fines make one earn from just lending money.

All businesses come with risks, it’s from risks that come with great rewards. However, here is some good news for those wanting to start a lending business.

Here is also a management application for the loan business. Introducing Jisort:

Jisort is a web-based software, popular among Banks, SACCOs, Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs), Credit Companies, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) among other institutions used to manage their clients’ information, keep track of their transactions and generate reports and business statements.

What kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya: Jisort Homepage

Jisort has come to ease transactions and record keeping. It has also come to help one keep tabs on the clients and the spending.

Sign up for Jisort and get these and other services. Also, read more about Jisort and how it operates here. 

Well now we have answered what kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya, here is another advantageous news.

Starting a business has become easy, with the right licensing and good cash one can start any business. Besides, one needs a good plan and strategies to use in the business.

One knows what to do with their hard-earned money. Our list of what kind of business can I start with 100k in Kenya is failure proof, as long as you put the work into it.

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